Nouveau Lashes

Be it weddings, make up free days by the beach, or that special occasion marked in your calendar, a great lash treatment is a sure way to set your look apart.

No more hassle of smudged mascara half way through the day, and waking up in the morning to find a stunning set of lashes is the best feeling in the world. It dramatically decreases the time it takes to get ready everyday. You can still wear make up with these treatments, but you might just find you don’t need to. The lashes speak for themselves.

Nouveau Lashes are award winning, vegan friendly, and each treatment is designed with your lash health in mind; so you can continue with treatments for as long as you want, with the peace of mind that your lashes are happy and healthy.


Photo showing before Nouveau Lash Extensions Photo showing after Nouveau Lash Extensions

Extend consists of applying a high quality extensions, one by one over individual lashes, until you have a lovely set that look thicker, fuller, and longer. The lashes extensions come in different sizes and styles too, giving you freedom with how understated or glamorous you would like to look.

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LVL Lash Lift

Photo showing before Nouveau LVL Lash treatment Photo showing after Nouveau LVL Lash treatment

You’ve already got what it takes. LVL stands for Length, Volume, and Lift; It’s a stunning alternative to extensions with results lasting up to 6 weeks. The treatment itself involves lifting and tinting the natural lash, rather than the traditional method of curling, which gives the appearance of much longer, more defined lashes.

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  • Full set from £55
  • In-fills from £30


  • Full treatment from £45

Subject to additional travel costs for 'at home' appointments.

Frequently asked questions

I am certified with Nouveau Lashes, and exclusively use their products. They are vegan friendly and completely cruelty free, so no testing on animals!

It depends on your lifestyle, and personal preference. Some poeple love the look of extensions, and others prefer to use thier own natural lash. If you are unsure then get in touch for a chat and we'll discuss the best option for you. You may find you'll be suited to different treatments, at different times depending on what you have coming up in your diary.

If you are opting for LVL then you would need to do a patch test at least 48 hours before your treatment. Once you’ve booked your appointment I can get one sent in the post to you so you can do the test in the comfort of your own home.

Unfortunately not right outside. The nearest available free parking is in the Upton Court Park Car Park (SL3 7LU), just a few minutes walk away.

Although the treatments are suitable for contact lense wearers, I recommend you not wear them while the actual treatment takes place.

Please remove all make up from your eye area prior to your appointment. The treatment will not be as successful if there is any make up still on the lashes. With this in mind, please avoid waterproof mascara for up to 48hrs before your appointment. Once you’ve had your treatment, you’ll find you just don’t need mascara anymore. If you do choose to wear it, please stick to water-based formula’s and avoid waterproof as this will weaken the treatment. All other makeup is absolutely fine to wear.

Unfortunately not. Due to a change in hormones it is recommended that you don’t have the LVL treatment.

No. All Nouveau Lashes technicians are trained to the highest standards to ensure they’re kind to your lashes. This includes me. Please do also follow the aftercare instructions to ensure longevity of the treatment. You’re eyelashes naturally shed every 90 days, so don’t be alarmed if you see an extension fall out. This is all part of your natural eyelash cycle.

No, in fact that are quite relaxing! I always fall asleep when I have mine done. Don’t be afraid to do the same!

You are welcome to come back to the studio to have them removed professionally for a small fee, but the easiest way is purchasing the Lash Extension Remover so you can remove them safely and easily from your own home.

Instead of removing them, when they start to get a bit patchy, come back in for infills to get those lashes looking great again!

You will need to keep your lashes clean and dry for the first 48hrs following application. This includes washing your face or going swimming. After 48 hours you can carry on as normal.

Some signs of an allergic reaction include redness, swelling, itching, burning, and pain in the eye. If you think you are experiencing any reaction to a Nouveau Lashes treatment, come back to me as soon as possible to have the lashes removed. If the reaction is significant, or you are unable to return, please contact alternative medical assistance – do not wait.

It is key that prior to any treatment is performed, you follow the pre-treatment procedure or patch test (for LVL) provided by your technician to prevent the risk of an allergic reaction.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please get in touch to ask.